Easter Special

Easter Isn’t Special

Now that I’ve shamelessly used a click bait title, let me explain what I mean. In the last few decades there has been an influx of creativity surrounding the church and its effort to invite the lost to hear the good news of Jesus on Sundays. Churches have gone to great lengths to attract people in their community to come check out who this Jesus guy really is, regardless of if it’s Easter or not.


Invitation is valuable, biblical, and necessary in the Christian life. In scripture we see Jesus inviting the disciples to drop their nets and follow him. In John’s Gospel, Andrew invites Simon to come meet Jesus, and then Philip invites Nathanael to see Jesus. In Matthew 11, we see Jesus invite everyone who is weary to come to Him for rest. The invitation to come to Christ is open, and as the church, we should be extending that invitation continually, Easter Sunday or not.

What’s So Special Then?

So why do we extend invitation so vigorously leading up to Easter Sunday? What is it about this national holiday that makes us do things we normally wouldn’t do on Sundays? Why do more people come on Easter? Are they drawn to explore Christianity because of Jesus, or because of something else?

Over The Top

I did a quick Google search for promotions that churches have done to invite people to Easter Sunday services. On one hand, I saw some amazing efforts to reach the lost, preach the Gospel, and communicate the love of Christ. On the other hand, I saw cheap gimmicks designed to entice people to attend their services.

I’ve seen churches spend a million dollars, give away cars, and hand out prize packages to gain attendance, and it’s heartbreaking. I hate seeing pastors use the hope of winning material prizes to get people to walk through their church doors. And I don’t buy the bait and switch excuse, either. You think they’ll come just for the prize, but after hearing about Jesus, get saved? Maybe. But Let me ask you this: did Jesus hand out chariots and a lifetime supply of fish before He preached the Sermon on the Mount?

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