The Sense, Search and Service of God: Defining Biblical Worship

Okay, pull down your chest harness and get ready for a roller coaster called ‘defining biblical worship.’ Reading Time: 180 seconds or less. As we move into the 2000-teens, we owe much of our ride today to the last decade (2000-2010) which was marked by the unprecedented rise of the role of worship leader within the growing Church. And so, …

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5 Ways to Lead Your Team Spiritually

How Are You Leading Your Team… Spiritually? This is an area of ministry that often gets overlooked yet is absolutely vital for a healthy team. It’s really easy to mis place the priority of spiritual leadership in both our families and our worship teams so we must vigilant. With staff meetings, team meetings, podcasts, worship planning, song planning, weekly tasks, …

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Phil Wickham Interview

Chris Horton sits down with Phil Wickham to talk about worship among other things.

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Top 5 Ways to Be a Better Worship Leader

Here are 5 tips to help you become a better worship leader: 1. Love God. Love People. It seems like a no brainer, but if you don’t actually love God or his people so much as you just love being recognized, applauded, and affirmed by people, you should probably not be leading worship. Spend much more time worshiping God in …

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Worship Leading

Worship Leader to Worship Pastor (Pt. 1)

One of the things I have learned this year from our meetings at The Worship Cohort is that there are a lot of worship LEADERS but not a lot of worship PASTORS.  This is troubling because it seems to be a growing trend that we put young, inexperienced men in Pastoral roles that carry Pastoral responsibilities, but then hand them a job …

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Citizens Interview Featuring Zach Bolen

Chris Horton was able to sit down via Skype with Zach Bolen of Citizens and talk about all things worship, leading and music. Citizens Interview feat. Zach Bolen from Worship Cohort on Vimeo.

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Worship Leaders: We Are Not Rock Stars

Rock stars are sexy. They stand on massive stages backed by incredible light shows while performing for people screaming out in worshipful adoration. They make great money, wear hip clothes, have rad tattoos, and get the best-looking women—all this for being able to write and perform music people enjoy. This is the picture in many people’s minds when they set …

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