Music Matters

Early in ministry, a mentor of mine pointed out that, regardless of size, churches tend to excel in only one of the two main aspects of the typical worship service: music or preaching.  (Some, according to one of my non-Christian friends, excel at neither and therefore will never be attended by him or any other unchurched person.) I didn’t know …

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The True Role of a Worship Leader

Growing up as a worship leader and pastor, I thought a lot about worship. I did it a lot. I traveled to lots of environments. I read about leading worship. And I went to worship conferences. In all that reading and conference going, there was a consistent thread : lists. Lists of “dos” and “don’ts” and “hows,” “whens,” “wheres,” and “whys.” …

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Spiritual Disciplines E1408592376995

Ordinary Disciplines for Spirit-Filled Worship Leaders

“Be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart.”(Ephesians 5:18b-19) Successful, But Unspiritual Samson was born to lead. The Lord blessed him and filled him with the Holy Spirit (Judges 13:24-25, 14:6,15:14). As Israel’s appointed judge, he fought their battles and defeated their enemies …

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Jesus the Better

Some of you see the Old Testament the way I used to. Namely, that it is made up of tons of disconnected, unrelated stories. But this has changed for me. A few years ago, Jana and I were celebrating our anniversary in Paris, and there were two museums that we had to stop and visit. One was the Louvre (obviously). …

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Protect Your Team

A Worship Leader Protects His Team

The bible is lettered with passages of protection. We see how those who call on God, will also have His hand of protection upon them. We find that those who protect wisdom have life. We also see word pictures of shepherds protecting their flocks. As pastors of the church, one of our chief responsibilities is to protect our flock. More …

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Empty Pews

A Word to Pastors and Worship Leaders

This weekend, the church of God will gather together all over the world to worship the one true King who alone is worthy of all praise. He has given us this family, the church, and blessed us with the gifts of his Word and corporate worship. What a privilege we have. In light of that, I would just like to quickly …

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Chick Fil A Drive Thru Line

Leading Faithfully in a Drive-Thru Culture

Microwavable Worship The world in which we live is infatuated with immediacy. Our culture seeks the greatest possible gain for the least possible investment. This explains what I like to call the “microwavable worship” approach, whereby congregants are invited to get their “worship fix” in a one-and-done, drive-thru-like “experience” with God in hopes that the positive emotional effect of such …

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Worship Band

Playing Better as a Band

Every musician has his or her particular style preferences and bents. It’s what makes us who we are. Funk bassists. Jam Band acoustic guitar players. Gospel drummers. Arena Pop Rock electric guitarists. The Song And yet, in the midst of our own unique stylistic identities, there is a greater, overarching force that determines the precise stylistic parameters that we ought …

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Hymnals Copy

How to Have a ‘Church as a Choir’ Mentality

The other day, I had this random thought pop in my head, and it was the whole idea of a church choir. What I came to realize was that regardless of whether or not your church has an official choir, your church does have a choir. The people that make up your congregation, are in fact a choir. The biggest reason I …

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Permission To Be Weak

“At the root of every counterfeit deity and every human religion is the notion that our performance can achieve some sort of negotiated settlement with a holy God.”  – Daniel Montgomery In his new book called Proof, Finding Freedom through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace, Pastor Daniel Montgomery of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville writes of the profound truth …

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