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Leading a Team Large and Small (Part 2)

Last time we left off with the promise of looking at two things 1) how to and/or whether to measure …

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Why Liturgy is Important

I grew up in a tradition where you could say that there was no emphasis put on liturgy at all, …

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For the Win – Leading Boldly in Our Weakness

So, here it is. I’m an Ohio State fan. (I know, haters are going to hate.) Recently, the OSU football …

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Singing Is Teaching

We would be amiss to think that the words that we put in our mouths and others from the songs …

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The True Role of a Worship Leader

Growing up as a worship leader and pastor, I thought a lot about worship. I did it a lot. I …

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Empty Pews

A Word to Pastors and Worship Leaders

This weekend, the church of God will gather together all over the world to worship the one true King who …

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The Word in Our Worship

The Word in Worship The longer I lead people in worshipping King Jesus through music (and other ways), I am …

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Hillsong Worship

Four Rules for Teaching New Songs in Corporate Worship

Imagine yourself standing in an ornate church building as beautiful music washes over you from the platform. As gorgeous as …

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Hey Church Musician, You’re Leading Worship Too!

There are few things more confusing to me than watching a worship team standing on the platform, and seeing the …

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The Most Important Thing You Can Do This Easter

We all know the statistics about Easter and Christmas right? People are more open to coming to church on Christmas …

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The Old Cemetery At Galisteo David Lee Thompson

The Call to Worship as a Summons From the Dead

There is so much about life, the Bible, and worship that God intends to be received as loaded symbolism. Two …

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Leading Joyfully in the Midst of a Train-wreck

Train-wrecks are never fun. Especially in a worship setting. And even more so when we’ve worked hard through the week …

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