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Leading a Team Large and Small (Part 1)

This Monday we gathered together for a worship workshop with worship leaders from St. Louis Cohorts. The questions focused on …

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Worship Band

Playing Better as a Band

Every musician has his or her particular style preferences and bents. It’s what makes us who we are. Funk bassists. …

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4 Ways to Lead Your Tech Team

The production booth holds the seats that are the furthest from the stage in most sanctuaries, and in some cases …

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Worship Guitarist

5 Ways to Be a Humble Guitarist

I recently went to a conference for worship leaders and attended a breakout group designed for electric guitar players. As …

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Leading Joyfully in the Midst of a Train-wreck

Train-wrecks are never fun. Especially in a worship setting. And even more so when we’ve worked hard through the week …

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Stage 2

5 Ways to Lead Your Team Spiritually

How Are You Leading Your Team… Spiritually? This is an area of ministry that often gets overlooked yet is absolutely …

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