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Why Is It Important For Us To Sing About The Finished Work Of Christ?

One of the best ways for our minds to remember something is to sing it. From the ABC’s to the books of the Bible and of course the various songs of Schoolhouse Rock, we all have learned many things from singing them. It is the same way with the story of the Gospel and scripture itself. Songs are very valuable tools in reminding us of who God is and what he has done.

During this season we can look to and really focus on the finished work of Christ on the cross as we prepare to celebrate Easter. The cross is the most crucial point in history; it is the linchpin of all we believe. It is essential for all believers to be reminded of its work in our lives. We tend to get bogged down with the weight of our sin and the cares of this world but the work of the cross lifts us up, reminding us that Jesus has paid the price that we owed for our sin. The cross reminds us that our God has pursued us and sacrificed his own Son so that we may know what real life is in him. It is important for us to sing about this because we often forget.

As we sing about the finished work of Christ, we are individually and corporately encouraged and strengthened. As we sing about the finished work of Christ, we are reminded of it’s power over Satan, sin, death and the grave. As we sing about the finished work of Christ, we are prepared to tell the world about the wonderful work of our Savior. And as we sing about the finished work of Christ, we are reminded that there was a God who loved us so much that he made a way for us, so that we could join him on his mission to see people saved, disciples made and the church built.

At all times and especially during the Lenten season, singing about the finished work of Christ brings hope. During the weeks ahead I challenge you to truly focus on what the cross has done for you and how that changes who you are. Knowing that, on the cross, Christ finished all that is required for us to have and live a new life is the hope that drives us to mission. Let’s elevate that hope with the way we sing and ultimately with the way we live!

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